Editor/Associate Editor

2020 Associate Editor of Journal of Functional Materials and Chemical Engineering (JFMCE)- Frontier Scientific and Academic Publishing (FSAPub)

2020 Guest Editor of Special Issue of Energies “Battery Storage Technology for a Sustainable Future-MDPI”

2020 Associate Editor of Thin Solid Films (Frontiers in Materials)

2020 Editor of International Journal of Nanotechnology

2019 Guest Editor of 9th Ieee International Nanoelectronic Conference (INEC) 2019

2019 Guest Editor of Special Issue of Applied Sciences “Reliability Analysis of Electrotechnical Devices-MDPI”

2018 Editor of Energies (MDPI)

2017 Associate Editor of Microelectronic Reliability

2017 Guest Editor, Energies Journal

2016 Editor of Scientific Report, Nature Publishing Group

2013 Editor of IEEE Transaction on Devices and Materials Reliability 

2013 Series Editor of SpringerBrief on Reliability 

2011-2012 Guest Editor of Nanoscale Research Letter  

2011-2012 Guest Editor of Microelectronic Reliability 

2010-2012   Associate Editor of GSTF International Journal on Computing 

2007-2008   Guest Editor of Special Issue of the International J. of Nanotechnology  


2011-2014 Reviewer for IEEE Trans.on Electron Devices 

2009-2014   Reviewer for IEEE Trans on Device and Material Reliability 

2009-now Reviewer for Microelectronics Reliability 

2004-2014   Reviewer for IEEE Transaction on Nanotechnology 

2009         Reviewer for IEEE Transaction on VLSI Systems 

2009   Reviewer for International Journal on Production Economics 

2005 Member of Review Board for IEEE IRPS,  

2006 Reviewer for Electrochemical and Solid State Lett.  

2006   Reviewer for IEEE Trans. On Education  

2005   Reviewer for IEEE Trans. on Semiconductor Manufacturing; IJQRM; 

2005   Reviewer for International conference on Materials for Advanced Technology (ICMAT)  

2005   Reviewer for Material Research Society Symposium (MRS Spring Conference)  

2003   Reviewer for International Journal on Quality and Reliability Management (IJQRM)  

2003    Reviewer for Thin solid films 

2002    Reviewer for IPFA,   

2001   Reviewers for IEEE PEDS 


Top Reviewer of the Year 2011 for Microelectronics Reliability, 2011 

He is awarded Top Reviewer by two Editors in Chief (Dr. Nino Stojadinovic and Dr. Michael Pecht) of Microelectronic Reliability recently due to his rigorousness in the review process and provides valuable critical remarks to authors that significantly enhanced the quality of the Journal.